Oh Lord I pray to you right now, with my heart and soul tonight,

And know that I'm truly fortunate, when I stand tall in your Light.


You have blessed me so completely, with a gift to use my words,

To praise you and to witness to, all the lost who have never heard.


The truth that's in the bible we read, or the Holy Spirit inside,

And know that your Son, our Jesus Christ, for our sins that he lived and died.


He preached the word you gave to him, he loved his neighbors all,

He healed the sick, and raised the dead, no deed was too big or small.


But like in the past, we ignored your desire, for fellowship and faith in your plan,

That a King you would send, to rescue us, from the sin of the fall of man.


Those words of the Lord, were ever so clear, in Daniel Isaiah and Psalms,

We're told exactly what would occur, after Sunday when they threw down the palms.


They despised him that day, for all that he did, yes they laughed at him and scorned,

Ignoring the words of the Lord that he'd come, they had already been forewarned.


So on Calvary they strung him up, like a criminal on the wood,

But forgive them all, we must indeed, since we know that He says we should.


They tested the Father to see if He, would rescue Christ right there,

From the cross that he was nailed to, to fly up into the air.


They cried, "Commit thyself unto God; Let Him deliver this Jew:

Let God come down and snatch you up, if delighted he is with you."


But the plan was still not finished, the goal not yet fulfilled,

Not till his heartbeat rested, and his loving blood then spilled.


So he hung from there, in agony, stretched sinews in painful moan,

And called out to the Father, "Is there anyone at home?"


"My God, why hast thou forsaken me?", those are the words he cried,

Then he said, "It is finished now", and gave up his Spirit and died.


And laid in a tomb, stone rolled by the door, to keep our Saviour inside,

But with Satan defeated, He rose from the dead, while those who loved Him cried.


He then walked the Earth, preached Gospel some more, to be strong through a new faith found,
For the Spirit He'd send, to live in us all, as our bodies become holy ground.


And as Easter comes, each year after year, when we worship and fast and pray,

We know that our Lord has risen and walked, and is coming back soon someday.


And there on the clouds, in his majesty, our King and Saviour returns,

From the Father who sent him, to reside in our hearts,

Where forever his love for us burnsÍ


Larry Ganz © March 20, 1999


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